Behavioral problems with pets are the #1 reason pets are taken to animal shelters. They also can prevent our pets from living happy, healthy lives, and they create significant challenges for pet owners.

At Firehouse, we spend a lot of time and energy determining ways to help our clients manage their pet’s fear and anxiety, and any resulting behavioral challenges. We also work hard to make the experience of visiting us at the veterinary hospital better for our patients and their owners.

So there’s no reason to muscle through these issues. Firehouse can help. Call us today to set up an appointment. Handling behavior issues quickly and when pets are young ensures a better chance of success.

Does your dog or cat show common signs of anxiety or stress? Here’s a quick checklist of common symptoms:
-Do they bark, hide, pace, exhibit destructive behavior or seem nervous? These behaviors might be related to fear of storms, loud noises, strangers, or even from separation anxiety.
-Does your pet shake or hide at the vet? Visiting the doctor can be a stressful experience for a cat or dog.

Here’s how Firehouse helps you:
Our team has been trained in programs like “Cat-FriendlyPractice” and “Fear Free Initiative.”
-These programs establish techniques to help decrease fear, anxiety, and stress for our pet patients during the veterinary experience!
-We also work to minimize sound and other sensory stimuli for the pets during their visit to Firehouse.
-Finally, our teams are trained in techniques to allow comfortable, passive restraint of pets.

At home techniques to help your pet:
-For dogs: exercise, exercise, exercise! Daily exercise helps dogs with mental stimulation and generally helps eliminate behavioral issues.
-Socialize young dogs and cats when they’re under 6 months. A little effort at the beginning of your pet’s life helps prevent lots of issues down the road! Need a trainer? Let us know and we can connect you with someone who can help.
-We also recommend identifying behavioral problems and signals of stress early on. Work with the Firehouse veterinary team (and if needed, your trainer) to solve issues before they turn into bigger problems.

If fear, anxiety and behavioral issues persist:
-Natural products and medical therapies can help decrease stress from thunderstorms or when pets are left at home alone during the workday.
-In more severe cases (like biting, aggression, or destructive behaviors), Firehouse expert training partners can help. We have strategic partnerships with behavioral experts in Austin who are pros at treating behavioral issues and making your pet more comfortable.

Behavior issues can seem overwhelming, we know! We believe that our ability to work with fear, anxiety and consequential behavioral issues sets Firehouse apart. We’re here to be your resource!

Please don’t hesitate to call us!

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