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Why Do Cats Knead? 
Here’s why cats “make biscuits.”

3 min read “Simply put, kneading brings cats peace and comfort,” says Georgie Chadwick, Hospital Manager at Firehouse Westlake.  Kneading is when cats rhythmically push their paws against a soft surface, often with a kneading motion like the way dough is kneaded.   A...

Cats and dogs hate New Year’s Eve fireworks
Your pet’s ears are sensitive to sound

Loud bangs and pops scare pets and can make even the most well-behaved pet misbehave or run away. We have tips.Bruno is one of the few cats who doesn't scare easily during New Year’s Eve and July 4th fireworks. “When I first adopted Bruno,” says Dr Sherry Hill,...

Pets and Diabetes: Prevent, Recognize, and React
New med make this disease more manageable than ever

7.5 min read Charlie, an 11-year-old beagle, began to urinate all the time. This raised concern for his family, who brought him to Firehouse Belterra. We did lab work and found out that Charlie had diabetes. In the last few months, Charlie’s family has embraced...

How to keep a deaf dog safe
Safety tips for owners of deaf and hard-of-hearing pets

Franklin’s family realized he was hard of hearing soon after they adopted him. “We learned he might have hearing issues when he was just a puppy,” says Katie, Franklin’s mom. “The only way we’d know for certain was to put him under general anesthesia and monitor his brain function. We declined this option, as it really wasn’t a big deal for us,” Katie continues.

Why do dogs eat grass?
7 reasons your pet may be eating your landscaping

3 min read Milo is a 6-month-old mini Bernadoodle who really likes to chew on grass in his mom’s lawn. “I think Milo eats grass for...

When should you spay or neuter your kitten?
Research shows cats stay healthiest when procedure is completed by 5 months

We first reported new recommendations for spaying and neutering cats by 5 months in January 2021. We continue to support these guidelines from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).   Research shows the...

Be Wary of Dr Google. Even in 2023.
Why You Should Consult with Your Vet

2 min read  “One of our clients found an article on Google that said dogs can eat grapes, if it’s not too often,” says Michael Hernandez, a Vet Tech at Firehouse Belterra. “This statement is false. Grapes are always potentially toxic to dogs. We were able to help the...

A 2023 Guide: Vaccinations for Cats and Dogs
Our careful, common sense approach. Customized for your pet.

3.5 minute read Firehouse customizes immunization plans for each pet. We’ll chat at your pet’s yearly check-up. Then, we recommend only the vaccines your pet needs based on your lifestyle and environment. Our advice is conservative and based on common sense. Vaccines...

Lost pet? Find them with 4 simple steps
Quick tips to find your lost cat or dog

2 min read  More pets go missing during July 4th fireworks celebrations than at any other time of the year. The loud bangs and pops scare both dogs and cats.   We’ve written tips to help pets feel safe and secure during Independence Day festivities.  In this blog,...

Top 5 Safety Tips for Pets on Boats and Lakes
Avoiding accidents with effective planning

2 min read   “Bull Creek is our favorite spot in Austin!” says Aubrie at Firehouse Belterra. “It's a leash-required trail and that makes us feel safe!  “We usually swim after our hike and then enjoy the view from our hammock. Waffles loves to run up hills and steps!...
2023 Travel with your cat or dog  Tips for the jet-set pet

2023 Travel with your cat or dog
Tips for the jet-set pet

3 min read Ali Alcantra recommends waterproof seat covers for older pets on car trips and disposable diapers older pets on planes. Above, Lito smiles for the camera.  “My advice,” says Ali Alcantra, “is to try new things, like meds and toys, BEFORE you travel so...

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A Feast for All Beasts  Safe Thanksgiving Foods for Your Pet

A Feast for All Beasts
Safe Thanksgiving Foods for Your Pet

1 min read Charlie Brown always shared Thanksgiving with Snoopy. If you plan carefully, your pets can join in on the holiday too. Some human foods are unsafe for pets. Yet, plain ingredients (or single ingredients) are fine. Avoid a Thanksgiving trip to the ER with...

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